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Sue Clark


Hey there! I'm Sue and I'm so glad to let you know a little bit about myself. I've always had an interest in photography (that's sounds so cliche' but it's true) especially portrait and fashion photography. Back in high school I got my first camera (a little Pentax) and made all my sweet girlfriends dress up and come with me to beautiful locations for photoshoots. I couldn't wait to get the film developed to see how gorgeous they all looked. I really should post a few sometime. :)

I have since moved on to the Canon camera system and have a bit of a lens obsession (I need just one more). I photograph portraits (seniors, families, children, newborns) and weddings as capturing people is what I LOVE to do as every face is beautiful and every expression tells a story. And I still run home after every photoshoot or wedding to see all the images to find my favorites!

Senior photoshoots are just so much fun and I adore all the amazing seniors I have met. And they are all so talented too! Showing them how special they are via their gallery is the absolute best. One of my senior girls cried when I shared an image during her shoot as she had never seen herself in such an honestly beautiful way. When she said "I look gorgeous" I knew I had captured her authentically. 

When I started photographing weddings I knew this was what I wanted to do - everything and every part of a wedding day is a joy and privilege to capture! I tend to focus on the romantic and emotional parts of the love story as my style is editorial and natural. I love details, connections, and candid images that tell the true story of the day - as these are the moments you'll want to remember forever!

I feel honored to be a part of a couple's wedding - as every love story is special and unique. Yes I have cried at weddings and will probably do it again. I love spending time with the bridal party before the wedding but my favorite part is the ceremony. When two people make the commitment I feel as excited for them and the rest of their guests do. As a recent bride I understand the wedding process from both sides of the lens (and can share what I've learned). Knowing that I'm delivering images to couples from one of their most important days of their lives inspires me to create and provide organic, authentic, and beautiful images!

My husband Tim (a fire fighter), five children, and little bishon Rocco keep me busy, make me happy, and are my source of LOVE! The other things that bring me joy are COLDPLAY (I'm obsessed), cooking for my family, children's laughter, hiking, positivity, and kindness!

Dan Lovell


Hello I'm Dan! I love to shoot all kinds of photography - portraits, landscape, business headshots, commercial photography, and weddings. I have a background and degree in art and teach photography at Castleton University. I enjoy taking and creating images to the extent that I live and breathe with a camera by my side. As for the technical side of photography, I enjoy teaching all aspects, including film and digital, from capture to edit to print. Understanding how the camera works and knowing how to utilize light are as important as posing and capturing emotions when creating great images.

With wedding photography my style is a documentary and fine art approach, with an emphasis on fine art. It is the art of creating beautiful images that I strive for at every wedding, to put my touch in creating something special. I take pride in capturing images that show the beauty in everyone, and enjoy capturing those special moments that we all share throughout the wedding experience. I shoot digital and film however, I seldom use film for weddings unless explicitly requested. My darkroom is the digital darkroom for weddings as it allows much greater creative control. 

Jennie Grenier

Info coming soon...

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